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Thanksgiving Decorations Crafts Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Easy to use Thanksgiving Decorations Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Free Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations Crafts Pumpkin Stencils and Templates
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It's Thanksgiving decorations crafts time. Carving or etching pumpkins is a lot of fun. Basically all you need is a good template or stencil. Here are four easy to etch or carve Thanksgiving Holiday Pumpkin Carving Templates and Stencils

There are many ways to decorate a pumpkin. We provide a graphic guide to the best way, in our opinion, to get a perfect Thanksgiving pumpkin carved or etched in time.

We also provide a guide to the best pumpkin carving tools for you to use. These can usually be purchased at a crafts store. But it's important to know that you really do not need any special equipment. The template or stencil is the most important.
Free Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations Crafts Pumpkin Templates and Stencils
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Note that the designs for Thanksgiving can be more detailed than for Halloween. This can make the carving work significantly more difficult. But do not worry, you have another option. It is no necessary to cut all the way through the pumpkin. For Thanksgiving  you can etch just past the bright orange of the pumpkin skin into the lighter pulp.

One of the most popular uses of a pumpkin etching for Thanksgiving is to make a soup tureen that has a Thanksgiving design etched on one or two sides of the pumpkin. Which ever you choose to do these templates and stencils will serve you well.

First you transfer the pattern to the pumpkin, usually with a series of small puncture holes. Then you start in the center of the pumpkin template design and start cutting.    Some people cut out the top first and clear out the inside of the pumpkin. Other people prefer to do that at the end. It's up to you.
Free Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations Crafts Pumpkin Stencils and Templates
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It is very easy to access these stencils and prepare them for your work etching or carving a pumpkin. First click on the image you wish to use. Then it will automatically enlarge, opening in a new window. This window will remain open for your future use.

Using the normal commands for your computer, usually right click of the mouse cursor, save the enlarged stencil you have chosen to your own computer. Then print the stencil. Cut out the stencil and trace edges.
Using a sharp paring knife or punching shallow holes with an ice pick is best. Do the outside edge first, then work on the inside details.
Free Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations Crafts Pumpkin Template and Stencils
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Free Thanksgiving Holiday Decorations Crafts Pumpkin Stencils and Templates

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