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101 Dalmatians Coloring Pages Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour

Special Kids Coloring Pages - 101 Dalmatians Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour

The movie 101 Dalmatians by Disney Animation Studios was one of the biggest Disney movie successes ever. In fact this movie may have saved the Disney studios in the 1960's. Disney was struggling after a technically successful Sleeping Beauty that just did not do well at the box office. 

The continued popularity of the characters in this movie is why children still love to see 101 Dalmatians Colouring Pages with Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour

The story is based in London and has the same feel as the start of the London set for Peter Pan. This was not accidental as Peter Pan had been one of the biggest Disney animated films ever. The basic plot is that a woman kidnaps poppies to kill them for their spotted unusual fur. Various animals and situations gang up against her and take out revenge in a very funny and almost slapstick fashion. 

The story line is about a fashion designer, Anita, and computer game writer Roger meet, get married and their pets, dalmatians Perdita and Pongo also fall in love. The dogs have puppies which are kidnapped by Anita's boss Cruella de Vil. The canine parents set out in London to find and rescue the ninety-nine pups from their captors.

To access the 101 Dalmatians Coloring Pages and Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour just click on any image. The image will enlarge in a new window. Then you can save and print from your own computer.

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This blog started out as a private blog. The goal was contact and communication with my children as I traveled. Posting fun coloring pages with great colouring pictures to print and colour gave all of us enjoyment.

Now two of three children have grown and left the nest. Two years ago we made our coloring pages public, mostly on Hubpages. Their unreasonable and questionable restrictions of first amendment rights of their members lead to us leaving Hubpages and using the Blogspot / Blogger system.

We hope you get as much enjoyment out of these free coloring pictures and other childhood education materials as we do providing them.

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