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First Thanksgiving Kids Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour

Kids Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour - The First Thanksgiving Dinner

Childhood Education - First Thanksgiving Feast Colouring pictures-to print-and-Colour
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A great example of an early childhood education topic is the American Thanksgiving Holiday. Like many things in history the story of the first feast of Thanksgiving manages to overlook some aspects of the relationship between the Indians and the Pilgrims. Never the less the first feast of Thanksgiving did take place. These free kids colouring pictures-to print-and-colour celebrate and remember that very first feast of Thanksgiving.

Childhood Education Kids Thanksgiving Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-ColourHistorians understand that at first the pilgrims were planning a simple meal to celebrate their first harvest they hoped would carry them through the coming winter. They barely had enough food for any special meal but the Indians found out about the situation. A few of them had been invited, in thanks for the assistance that had been given to the Pilgrims by the native American Indians. The Indians sent word back to their tribe. Shortly many Indians came to the camp of the Pilgrims bringing all kind of food for the first feast of Thanksgiving.

Childhood Education Kids Thanksgiving Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour<br>Of course history is written by victors and the relations between the Pilgrims deteriorated soon after that first feast of Thanksgiving dinner. But these days we remember that first feast and eat many of the same meals that were eaten on the first feast. In modern times Thanksgiving is the time that families travel to get together. As with cultures in almost every country of the world, Thanksgiving is when the family comes home.

Childhood Education Kids Thanksgiving Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour<br>So we present colouring pictures-to print-and-colour for you to download to your own computer and print for your children. These colouring pictures are specifically about the time of harvest and the first feast of Thanksgiving held by the Pilgrims and native American Indians of that region..

Childhood Education Kids Thanksgiving Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour<br>To access and download these colouring pictures is very easy. Just click on the image you wish to download, save and print for your child to use colouring. We suggest you print out multiple copies of each colouring picture. That way your child may experiment with more than one colour scheme.

Childhood Education Kids Thanksgiving Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour<br>Colouring is an important part of any child's early childhood education. Colouring activity helps a child develop in so many ways; eye - hand coordination, knowledge of colors and how they relate to each other, social skills, plus learning to be creative and ask questions about the subject of the current coloring picture.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to tell your children, while they are coloring, about the first Thanksgiving. And we sincerely hope your family thoroughly enjoy these Thanksgiving Kids Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour.

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This blog started out as a private blog. The goal was contact and communication with my children as I traveled. Posting fun coloring pages with great colouring pictures to print and colour gave all of us enjoyment.

Now two of three children have grown and left the nest. Two years ago we made our coloring pages public, mostly on Hubpages. Their unreasonable and questionable restrictions of first amendment rights of their members lead to us leaving Hubpages and using the Blogspot / Blogger system.

We hope you get as much enjoyment out of these free coloring pictures and other childhood education materials as we do providing them.

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