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The Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales List

Do You Know the History of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales List

Many people that know of the Grimm brothers fairy tales are not aware the stories were not written by the brothers Grimm. In fact the two brothers were famous in their own right as language scientists. As linguists they were researching the origins of the German language.

The easiest record of various old German dialects was via the folk stories still told by story tellers of that age. As the brothers traveled from region to region, city to city, they realized the possible importance of putting to record these wonderful stories they were hearing. So that was what they did, in addition to their own professions. They recorded two hundred and ten wonderful fairy tales, some of which are still very popular today.

Actually all are still popular to some extent. Some have been picked up by the modern media, like Disney and Pixar. For example the mega hit movie Tangled, the modern Rapunzel story. The stories were published in two main parts, the first having 86 fairy-tales on December 245h in 1812. The second stage of publication was  published two years later, in 1814 with 70 stories.

 A third publication included many personal notes and explanations of the stories and the morals they meant to teach to the young and old alike. There was a publication in 1856 that combined all 200 stories plus 10 child legends, not as well known.

It is our intention to publish children's colouring pictures to print and color highlighting each of the 200 Grimms brothers fairy tales. We shall update this blog post with a link to each set of Grimm brothers fairly tales colouring pictures as they are completed.

Here is a list of the brothers Grimm fairy tales, each title with a link to the story, should you wish to read that particular story.

Household Stories of the Brothers Grimm

001The frog king or Iron Henry >>>
002Cat and mouse in partnership >>>
003Our Lady's Child >>>
004The story of the youth who went forth to learn what fear was>>>
005The wolf and the seven little goats >>>
006Faithful John >>>
007The good bargain >>>
008The wonderful musician >>>
009The twelve brothers >>>
010The pack of ragamuffins >>>
011The brother and sister >>>
012Rapunzel >>>
013The three little men in the wood >>>
014The three spinners >>>
015Hansel and Grethel >>>
016The three snake-leaves >>>
017The white snake >>>
018Straw, coal, and bean >>>
019The fisherman and his wife >>>
020The gallant tailor (Seven at one blow) >>>
021Cinderella (Aschenputtel) >>>
022The riddle >>>
023The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage >>>
024Mother Hulda (Frau Holle) >>>
025The seven ravens >>>
026Little Red Cap >>>
027The Bremen town musicians >>>
028The singing bone >>>
029The devil with the three golden hairs >>>
030The Louse and the Flea >>>
031The girl without hands >>>
032Clever Hans >>>
033The three languages >>>
034Clever Else >>>
035The tailor in heaven >>>
036The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and the Cudgel in the Sack>>>
037Tom Thumb >>>
038The wedding of Mrs. Fox >>>
039The Elves >>>
040The robber bridegroom >>>
041Herr Korbes >>>
042The godfather >>>
043Frau Trude >>>
044Godfather Death >>>
045Thumbling as journeyman (Thumbling's Travels) >>>
046Fitcher's Bird >>>
047The almond tree >>>
048Old Sultan >>>
049The six swans >>>
050Sleeping beauty >>>
051Fundevogel (Bird-foundling) >>>
052King Thrushbeard >>>
053Snow-white >>>
054The knapsack, the hat, and the horn >>>
055Rumpelstiltskin >>>
056Roland >>>
057The golden bird >>>
058The Dog and the Sparrow >>>
059Frederick and Catherine >>>
060The two brothers >>>
061The little peasant >>>
062The queen bee >>>
063The three feathers >>>
064The golden goose >>>
065All-kinds-of-fur (Allerleirauh) >>>
066The rabbit’s bride >>>
067The twelve huntsmen >>>
068The thief and his master >>>
069Jorinda and Joringel >>>
070The three children of fortune >>>
071Six soldiers of fortune >>>
072The wolf and the man >>>
073The wolf and the fox >>>
074Gossip wolf and the fox (The fox and his cousin) >>>
075The fox and the cat >>>
076The pink >>>
077Clever Grethel >>>
078The old man and his grandson >>>
079The water-nix >>>
080The death of the little hen >>>
081Brother Lustig >>>
082Gambling Hansel >>>
083Hans in luck >>>
084Hans married >>>
085The gold-children >>>
086The fox and the geese >>>
087The poor man and the rich man >>>
088The singing, springing lark >>>
089The goose girl >>>
090The young giant >>>
091The gnome >>>
092The king of the golden mountain >>>
093The raven >>>
094The peasant's wise daughter >>>
095Old Hildebrand >>>
096The three little birds >>>
097The water of life >>>
098Doctor Know-all >>>
099The spirit in the glass bottle >>>
100The Devil's sooty brother >>>
101Bearskin >>>
102The willow-wren and the bear >>>
103Sweet Porridge >>>
104Wise folks >>>
105Stories about snakes >>>
106The poor miller's boy and the cat >>>
107The two travellers >>>
108Hans-my-Hedgehog >>>
109The shroud >>>
110The jew among thorns >>>
111The skilful huntsman >>>
112The flail from heaven >>>
113The two kings' children >>>
114The cunning little tailor >>>
115The bright sun brings it to light >>>
116The blue light >>>
117The wilful child >>>
118The three army-surgeons >>>
119The seven Swabians >>>
120The three apprentices >>>
121The king's son who feared nothing >>>
122Donkey cabbages >>>
123The old woman in the wood >>>
124The three brothers >>>
125The devil and his grandmother >>>
126Ferdinand the faithful >>>
127The iron stove >>>
128The lazy spinner >>>
129The four skilful brothers >>>
130One-eye, two-eyes, and three-eyes >>>
131Fair Katrinelje and Pif-Paf-Poltrie >>>
132The fox and the horse >>>
133The shoes that were danced to pieces >>>
134The six servants >>>
135The white bride and the black one >>>
136Iron John >>>
137The three black princesses >>>
138Knoist and his three sons >>>
139The maid of Brakel >>>
140Domestic servants >>>
141The lambkin and the little fish >>>
142Simeli mountain >>>
143Going a-travelling >>>
144The donkey >>>
145The ungrateful son >>>
146The turnip >>>
147The old man made young again >>>
148The Lord's animals and the Devil's >>>
149The beam >>>
150The old beggar-woman >>>
151The three sluggards >>>
151aThe twelve idle servants >>>
152The shepherd boy >>>
153The star-money >>>
154The stolen farthings >>>
155Brides on their trial >>>
156Odds and ends >>>
157The sparrow and his four children >>>
158The tale of Cockaigne >>>
159The Ditmarsch tale of wonders >>>
160A riddling tale >>>
161Snow-White and Rose-Red >>>
162The wise servant >>>
163The glass coffin >>>
164Lazy Harry >>>
165The griffin >>>
166Strong Hans >>>
167The peasant in heaven >>>
168Lean Lisa >>>
169The hut in the forest >>>
170Sharing joy and sorrow >>>
171The willow-wren >>>
172The sole >>>
173The bittern and the hoopoe >>>
174The owl >>>
175The moon >>>
176The duration of life >>>
177Death's messengers >>>
178Master Pfriem (Master Cobbler's Awl) >>>
179The goose-girl at the well >>>
180Eve's various children >>>
181The nix of the mill-pond >>>
182The little folks' presents >>>
183The giant and the tailor >>>
184The nail >>>
185The poor boy in the grave >>>
186The true bride >>>
187The hare and the hedgehog >>>
188The spindle, the shuttle, and the needle >>>
189The peasant and the devil >>>
190The crumbs on the table >>>
191The sea-hare >>>
192The master-thief >>>
193The drummer >>>
194The ear of corn >>>
195The grave-mound >>>
196Old Rinkrank >>>
197The crystal ball >>>
198Maid Maleen >>>
199The boots of buffalo-leather >>>
200The golden key >>>
201St. Joseph in the forest >>>
202The twelve apostles >>>
203The rose >>>
204Poverty and humility lead to heaven >>>
205God's food >>>
206The three green twigs >>>
207Our lady's little glass >>>
208The aged mother >>>
209The heavenly wedding >>>
210The hazel-branch >>>

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