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Lego Portal of Atlantis the Lost Continent

Atlantis the Lost Continent - Lego Portal of Atlantis

One of the newest products from Lego concerns the legend of the Lost Continent of Atlantis. Lego calls this the Lego Portal of Atlantis, meaning their interpretation of what the infrastructure of Atlantis would have been. Atlantis, a topic that has intrigued humans for over a thousand years.
Lego Portal of Atlantis the Lost Continent Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour

The interesting thing about this product is that part of the research and development team was several groups of young boys, ages 6 to 12 years. Their input on what aspects of things that can be built with Lego equipment is what has driven this product.

Lego Atlantis Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-ColourThis makes Lego Portal of Atlantis the Lost Continent a perfect topic for Kids Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour. For that reason we have chosen the very best of the toys that come available in the Lego Portal of Atlantis from which to make colouring pictures.

Lego Portal of Atlantis the Lost Continent Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-ColourEach colouring picture also comes with a full color image to give one interpretation of what the color scheme of that item could be. It is not mean, in any way, to restrain young minds from being creative and choosing their own color scheme.

Lego Atlantis Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-ColourTo access either the full color image, or the colouring picture-to print-and-colour, just click on the desired image. It will open and enlarge in another tab or window on your browser.

Take that enlarged image and save it to your own computer, then print as usual. With that action the Lego Portal of Atlantis item will be ready to colour in by your child. This tab will remain open so you can come back and download more colouring pictures.

Childhood Education Online

Lego Portal of Atlantis the Lost Continent Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-ColourThere is no doubt that coloring activity is highly educational and important in the childhood education and development of all children. Children that engage in coloring activity have improved and increased motor skill ability and coordination. They learn earlier about spatial relationships and colors. This is a head start that will aid them throughout the rest of their education and into their future careers.
Lego Atlantis Lost Continent Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour

Children who color in mixed groups even get a head start on development of social skills. Teachers and parents soon realize that using coloring pages makes introduction of almost any topic much easier. Most coloring pages can be used to introduce more than one topic or related parts of a topic. This makes colouring activity an invaluable teaching aid.
Atlantis Lost Continent Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour

Most importantly, children love colouring. Any time you can engage a child actively and passionately in a topic the value of the educational time and learning is greatly increased.

Lego Portal of Atlantis Lost Continent colouring Pictures-to Print-and-ColourMake sure you print out several copies of each colouring picture. Let your child try different color schemes so they learn even more about colors. If your child turns the page over and starts drawing his own Atlantis Lost Continent pictures be very excited. You may have a very creative child on your hands.

We trust your child will immensely enjoy coloring these great Lego Portal of Atlantis the Lost Continent Colouring Pictures-to Print-and-Colour.

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This blog started out as a private blog. The goal was contact and communication with my children as I traveled. Posting fun coloring pages with great colouring pictures to print and colour gave all of us enjoyment.

Now two of three children have grown and left the nest. Two years ago we made our coloring pages public, mostly on Hubpages. Their unreasonable and questionable restrictions of first amendment rights of their members lead to us leaving Hubpages and using the Blogspot / Blogger system.

We hope you get as much enjoyment out of these free coloring pictures and other childhood education materials as we do providing them.

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